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Adding new content stores in high availability environment

Question asked by jonathan.vanderwatt on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by mp3gmike
Hi there!

I have a rather silly question, but it's an important one nevertheless.

How would one add new content stores in a high availability environment (running Linux) when using an HP EVA SAN or iSCSI for storage? Obviously exposing the storage and making the OS aware of it is easy. But, how can I expose new storage or a new content store to the server/s, mount it in a new location and make Alfresco aware of it without having to stop Alfresco, syncing the data over and then starting it up again?

Currently, some of our other systems work as follows:

  • In the event that a filesystem gets full, we expose a larger SAN disk to the server.
  • We then partition, format and mount the new disk somewhere else on the server.
  • Thereafter we stop whatever service was using the filesystem and copy the data to the new storage location.
  • Once that is complete, we unmount the old, full SAN disk and mount the new larger SAN disk in the old one's location and fire up the service again- make sense?

  • Obviously, when you have several thousand people wanting their data, this strategy will not work.

    My concern is that if I end up with a 2TB content store, I would have to sacrifice alot of downtime in order to move the data to a larger location- a mission if your data is on iSCSI!

    Just wondering if anyone else has pondered on this or has gotten something like this working?