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Constant deadlock with Oracle

Question asked by anxtr on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by afaust
We have an application that uses Alfresco Web Service CMIS API. At first we did not have many problems but currently every other day the production system's Alfresco stops working (does not check in documents, does not retrieve documents, etc) when we check the log we have a recurrent problem with deadlocks. It is the only error in the log.

I've tried to find information in the forum but all the posts related to deadlocks that I've found do not apply here.

Can anyone throw a little bit of light?

The application is using Alfresco 3.2.0 r2 (2440). We have a known problem that the frontend accepts several name characters that are not accepted by Alfresco. After the document is uploaded to the server a process scheduled to run every few minutes sends the documents to a system and then uploads them to Alfresco. The process continues to upload the document with the invalid name until we find that an incorrect document name is used and manually correct it.

The most recent deadlock problem happened after trying to upload the document with the incorrect name repeatedly. This is the partial log

Right before Alfresco stopped working the log showed the line:

21:33:22,323 WARN  [org.alfresco.repo.activities.feed.AbstractFeedGenerator] Still busy …

After that we restarted Alfresco and deadlocks popped everywhere. Here is the log