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Links to alfresco docs in EXCEL

Question asked by adrunis_84 on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by morathor
Hi guys,

The company i work for has recently just started using alfresco as a document control system. One of the things this has required is for all links to document that were previously present on our network, to be updated to alfresco.

The links are attained either by 'browse page url' or 'view in browser' depending on wether or not its a space or a document. So far the links have worked fine in word/outlook with both Firefox and Internet  Explorer. I am however having issues in getting the links to work in EXCEL.

The links point directly to the stored version of the documents. On click they will open the browser to the alfresco login. On login nothing happens. When the links are clicked in word or outlook, they open the browser to the alfresco login & once logged a popup appears asking if you wish to open or save the document.

Can anyone explain why EXCEL does not seem to want to open links to alfresco docs?  :shock: