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Allow other users to create user accounts

Question asked by cirruslogic on Sep 2, 2010

I'd like to know if I can do this in Alfresco:

We want to create multiple spaces. Let's call them hq, space1, space2

space1 has sub-spaces space1.1 and space1.2 ; space2 has sub-spaces space2.1 and space2.2 ;

We want the default user: admin, who is the system adminstrator, to create 1 or 2 users who have access to spaces hq, space1 and space2.
Let's call the hq users hq_user1 and hq_user2.

hq_user1 and hq_user2, being HQ users, should be able to create users who have access to either space1 or space2.
So let's say, hq_user1 creates a user space1_user1. He should be able to allow this user space1_user1 to access only space1;
And if hq_user1 creates a user space2_user1. He should be able to allow this user space2_user1 to access only space2;

We will want space1_user1 and space2_user1 to have a "Consumer" role. I think this means that the user can only view the documents within the space.

Can all this be accomplished with Alfresco? Or can only the user admin create users?