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Site's document library explorer dashlet

Question asked by alejandrogarciaseco on Nov 13, 2012
Hi folks,

I was wondering whether exists any dashlet which allows you to explore a site's document library. As far as I know doesn't exist such dashlet out of the box, there only exists the "Site Content" dashlet but it is slightly limited.

I have been searching around and "googling" and I found these useful resources that could be useful as a starting point if I had to create my own:

Do somebody know more dashlets/resources targeting this issue? Any suggestion?

As a temporary solution, I'm also thinking in the possibility of taking advantage of the "Web View" dashlet, by configuring in it such URL that retrieves the documentlist region/component in the documentlibrary page. For example:, share/page/components/documentlibrary/documentlist or share/page/site/{site}/documentlibrary?region=documentlist. Maybe it is crazy or what I'm saying doesn't make any sense, but it is just an idea.

As a continuation of my last edit. Another idea that have just came to my mind is the option of creating a custom Surf/Share page which includes the component/webscript that implements the explorer of the document library, specifically the documentlist component. Then configure the "Web View" dashlet giving the URL that points to the custom page created. Would it make sense?

Thanks in advance.