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Setting up multi-tenant environment for Alfresco in EC2

Question asked by palashg on Sep 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by tarapenner

While trying to setup a multi-tenant environment for Alfresco in EC2, I see couple of challanges :

A) After renaming the 3 mt files under (alfresco/extension/mt) in Ec2, am able to access 'Alfresco Web Explorer', but could not access 'Alfresco Share'. When trying to access share, it throws error like '08040000 Unable to retrieve object: site-index of type: page' with additional stack trace. Looks like there is already an issue reported in Jira : and it says it got resolved in build 123 (Rel 3.2). Now the question is the Alfresco version currently running in EC2 does not have this fix included? If not, when this fix will be available in EC2?

B) My second question is related to tenant-admin console. When am trying to access tenant admin link (after renaming mt file & restarting tomcat) in EC2
, it gives the error like 'Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.' Why is that? How to fix this?

Your quick reply will be highly appreciated.

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