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Italian Analyzer Strange Behaviour

Question asked by mreyem on Nov 15, 2012
i'm really trying to figure out why the italian anlalyzer in Alfresco has this strange behaviour:

If I submit a document called "disegno.pdf" and I search for it with @cm:name="disegno" I have no results.
But, if I search for it with @cm:name"disegn" I find my document.

I've also tried with a document called "Prototipo Codifica Disegni.xls" to find out that the tokens generated from the analyzer were: "proptotip", "codif" and "disegn".

Now, why on earth the analyzer is behaving this way? I was forced to switch to the standard english analyzer in order to have full words ("disegno", "codifica", "prototipo") indexed.

From an italian customer point of view is natural to think that after submitting a document called "${someItalianWord}" it will be available by searching for it  with "${someItalianWord}" and not only with "${someItalianWordWithoutLastLetters}".

Could someone help me in figuring  out this one? It's a pity that italian Alfresco users have to disable the italian Alfresco analyzer to have a correct behaviour.

Thank you