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Another lucene 1000 problem

Question asked by mangar on Sep 7, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by mangar
As we all know, 1000 is the default limit for returns from a lucene query. I am trying to get more. I have tried all the things suggested in these forums such as:

# Properties to limit resources spent on individual searches
# The maximum time spent pruning results
# The maximum number of results to perform permission checks against

and the fetch size:

int batchSize=10000;
QueryConfiguration cfg = new QueryConfiguration();
repositoryService = WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService();
repositoryService.setHeader(new RepositoryServiceLocator().getServiceName().getNamespaceURI(),"QueryHeader",cfg);

I still only get 1000 nodes back.

are there any other possibilities that I might try?

and yes, I have more than 1000 documents! :)