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Lucene -- return nodes that are multi-filed

Question asked by stevegreenbaum on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by andy
One of our  requirements is the ability to categorize our documents using several category views of the data. Ideally, the categorization would be dynamic and flexible to allow the sub-categories to be moved under different parents and new category trees to be created. We need to be able to respond to queries such as:  show me documents that are in the category Appeals and also in a particular case folder  (e.g., case #123).  Instead of using Alfresco's built-in categorization feature to support this requirement, we plan to create a folder structure to represent the categories.   So the original appeals document is placed in the case#123 folder, but then is multi-filed into the appeals category folder (i.e., the document will have more than one parent folder). 

Can a single Lucene query be formulated to retrieve the documents that meet this criteria?    Something like this:  TYPE:"cm:content" AND +PATH:"/app:company_home/cm:Cases/cm:serialnumber123//* AND +PATH:"/app:company_home/cm:myCategory1/cm:myCategoryAppeals//*"