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Passthru user account creation changed in 4.2.b?

Question asked by jonvargas on Nov 16, 2012
I've just setup a pristine 4.2.b and 4.1.1 installations, and the authentication squeme was configured in the same way on both instances, using only Passthru autentication.

The problem is that:

1. On Alfresco 4.1.1, when a new user try to authenticate and the result is sucessfull, a user's profile is created and eveything works as expected. This is cool since I don't need to sync with LDAP and user's profile are created the first time they login.

2. But, using the same configuration on Alfresco 4.2.b, when a new user try to authenticate and the result is successful, the user cannot access because it needs first to have an existing account on Alfresco. If I create the local account with any fake password, then it will work, but not otherwise.

So, the behaviour is different. I prefer the first one and I use it on production. The second is forcing me to sync with LDAP or manually create users on Alfresco.

Is it a bug? Is this by design?