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how to write custom workflow in alfresco

Question asked by rajupingili on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by bone
Hi all,

am using alfresco 4.0.d, Here am writing custom workflow defination. for this am using acitivi engine. to write i am using in eclipse. which was integrated successfully. by using this i have generated first.bpmn20.xml. this i kept in alfresco\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\workflow and in bootstrap-context.xml i wrote like
                    <prop key="engineId">activiti</prop>
                    <prop key="location">alfresco/workflow/first.bpmn20.xml</prop>
                    <prop key="mimetype">text/xml</prop>
                    <prop key="redeploy">false</prop>
when i strat workflow in share am getting error like this.
org.alfresco.service.cmr.workflow.WorkflowException: 10160009 Workflow path activiti$8005 does not exist.

can any one help me