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Download File URL & Document URL Links issues

Question asked by ocserfla on Nov 16, 2012

I have issues using the links provided by Alfresco Share in the Details Page of a document. The problem is that the document should open when the link is used and the result is different.

How to Reproduce this issue:

1) Go to Share (I'm using version 3.4.5)
2) Open the details page of a document
3) Copy the link "Download File URL" or "Documetn URL"
4) Close all the Alfresco windows
5) Copy the link (from the 3rd step) in the browser
6) Result: blank page

N O T E: The Alfresco interface link works. This problem is only for Share. Also, if Alfresco is open, the link will work.

Requirement: I want to be able to use the links provided by Alfresco Share 3.4.5  having Alfresco close.

Any idea why this issue is happening?

I checked Alfresco 4 and saw that the buttons were removed.