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Problem while creating web forms via using 'cretae web form'

Question asked by rajneesh on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by gosmart

I have installed alfresco 4.0 a and want use web forms in it. I have successfully installed 'web quick  start' and 'alfresco-community-avm’ modules for it.
Now when I go to 'web forms' folder under 'data dictionary' in 'company home' and try to create a new web form by using 'create web form wizard' then on completeting  last step it doesn't  allow me to go further and ends with below error message:
'A system error happened during the operation: 10172191 Workflow Component for engine id 'jbpm' is not registered'

Please suggest what I am missing and what else need to be install or how to register this 'jpbm'.

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