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Problem searching 'print as PDF' PDF files

Question asked by baltner on Sep 8, 2010
It appears that Lucene can index and search "real" PDF files  (e.g., ones created by Adobe Acrobat) but it does not index PDF files that I create, say, by selecting "print as PDF" on my MacBook Pro.  Printing as PDF creates a file that Adobe and other PDF readers recognize as PDF but there must be a subtle difference causes the Lucene indexer to reject or otherwise fail to index self-created PDFs. 

I ran into this while uploading thee files in Alfresco so maybe this is an Alfresco issue not a Lucene issue at all?  For example, when I select Advanced Search the content format list includes "Adobe PDF Document" but not a generic "PDF."  Is this the source of the problem?  Is there a way to index these files in Alfresco?