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Submit Task hangs

Question asked by on Sep 8, 2010

i created new content via bulk-import. The zip file contains 5000 xml files.
During submit to stage alfresco hangs. So we restart. There is no special submit workflow.
When i log on to alfresco webclient as admin i see the submit task with type submitted and status "not yet started".
I click on action "Manage Task". After a very long time the manage task screen appears.

I see following informations:

Part of Workflow
Title: Web Site Submission (Direct) (Submit changes direct to staging sandbox)
Initiated by: Administrator
Started on: 30 August 2010
Completed on: <In Progress>

  Workflow History
Description Task Type Id Created Assignee Comment Completed on Outcome
Suchbegriffe Web Site Submission (Direct) 951654 30 August 2010 08:56 admin  30 August 2010 08:56

How can i clean up this job? I don't need this submit anymore.