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Customizing Search results Page

Question asked by nishantqwerty on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by mbe
I am trying to customize the search result page for Alfresco Share Community 4.2.b
   -to include a check box next to all the results
   -a toolbar with 2 drop down menus
                       (i)first menu consisting of options to select or deselect all checkboxes
                      (ii)second menu consisting of 2 or more custom actions that have already been implemented for document library.

the image(doctored) given below shows what exactly i want to do.

How do I extend the search results table that is displayed after searching for any content?
And how do I insert the toolbar into the page?

Considering the fact that the toolbars (in the image)are similar to ones displayed in the document library page, Is it possible to make the search result page similar to the document library page minus some of the widgets.