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Implementing 'Social Networking' features using Alfresco

Question asked by thribhuvan on Sep 10, 2010
Hello Friends,
I'm currently building Social Media Platform which will have most of the social networking features such as Blogs, Forums, Photo Gallery, Friends, Communities/Groups, etc. (using Alfresco as my Content Management System). I have a good amount of knowledge/hands-on on creating sites and inviting members (users/groups) to be part of it. However, I am finding it difficult to address the business use cases needs for 'Friends' module. I'm not sure if Alfresco provides readily available component for this. I would be grateful if someone can guide me in addressing the following questions.

1. How to address the business use cases needs for 'Friends' module?
2. Viewing friend's profile and his/her content?
3. How to create communities in Alfresco? (Each community will have its own set of users and other content). Can I have communities in form of sites and manage the content?