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Add additional folder properties

Question asked by pmverma on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by kevinnason
Hi all,
I like to add custom properties for folder in document details page. I like to add something like.

Name: Khwaben
Title: (None)
Description: Khwaben of mine
Size: 10 MB
Sub-File: 3 files 

I google and I find Jeff article of extending person properties.
So, i tried something like this. I extends in share-config-custom.xml and do other. But my problem is its implementation,in which java file do I need to add my custom properties. I trace and also google for the actual implementation file, but I do not found any clue how to extend folder metadata.
For eg,in above person case, Jeff has uses SlingshotUserFactory.
I am really glad to say Thanks if someone give me just a clue to this.

Thanks in advance.
P. M. Verma