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Person connections (friend)

Question asked by thribhuvan on Sep 13, 2010
I'm looking for implementing 'Person Connections' (User Connections - similar to friends in Facebook or Orkut) in my web application, which uses Alfresco. I'm not able to find out a solution using Alfresco, and I do not want to go for any custom development using database or as such. Please help/guide me in case if someone have already found a solution in addressing similar kind of feature.

Also, I came across the following information in Alfresco's wiki site [Refer:]:

The activity service will need to be able to get the set of connections for a given user.

    * each user will belong to zero or more sites/networks [M]
    * each site will have one or more members (site has at least one site admin - a site represents a group (e.g. project) who have a common interest) [M]
    * each user may manage a personal list of direct (mutually trusted) friends/colleagues [C]
    * each user may have one or more indirect friends/colleagues (all members of networks they belong to) [C]

    In summary, the list of connections for a user will be the set of all members of sites to which a user belongs. It could also include the list of direct colleagues (if available)

I'm currently using 3.3 version and do not see the above one is being implemented. Also, I'm bit confused about the last statement (in bold). There is a huge difference between the terms friends and colleagues. Users can be colleagues in case if they belong to the same site. However, they cannot become friends unless they connect to each other personally.