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Cannot login to Share Tomcat 7 set to port 80

Question asked by gman on Sep 13, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2010 by mikeh
I'm running the Community Edition nightly build as of 09-12-2010 on Tomcat7, Windows Server 2003. I have Tomcat listening on port 80. I can access Alfresco Explorer just fine. I cannot login to share. I receive the following message:

The remote server may be unavailable or your authentication details have not been recognized.

I have researched this on the Internet, and this problem has come up for earlier version of Alfresco. The issue is that Alfresco and Share by default are set to listen on port 8080, but I'm running on port 80. The solutions I have come across mention changing 8080 to 80 in some web script configuration files, but I cannot find these files or folders that contain the files in 3.4 CE latest nightly build. Link to one solutions I've come across:

So I have changed every instance of http://localhost:8080/  with  http://localhost/  that I can find, but still unable to access Share.

IS there anything else I need to do to access Share with Tomcat listening on port 80?