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Solr to 'crawl' QuickStart sites

Question asked by marco.altieri on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by marco.altieri

I would like to index a QuickStart site using the Solr instance installed with Alfresco.
I know that Solr is already used by Alfresco to index Quickstart articles and documents but in our site some pages are created from an external source (a big xml file).
Parts of this xml file are integrated into pages based on a complex logic and so I think that the only solution is to index the full page.

Having a search engine like Solr already runnig, it could be useful to use it to index the site (of course with the support of a web crawler).

Do you see any problem with this approach?
In general, can the Alfresco Solr instance be used by external applications?

Thank you.
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