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Alfresco in SLES11 pacemaker/openais/corosync

Question asked by joaofrancisco on Nov 26, 2012
Hi there,

I have two SLES11 servers and i would like to configure alfresco in the following way:
Server A: the master server, always on.
Server B: the failover server, always off. This server should come alive whenever the server A dies.

They both share the same configuration: same DB, same content-store (external fiber-channel disk)
So far so good, all i'm missing is the failover feature implementation.

I wanted to make use of the High availability features of SLES11 such as the pacemaker (corosync / openais). For this would need to configure the alfresco service as a resource. The thing is i'm kind of clueless here. There is no standard resource to configure alfresco.

the alternative solution is to develop an application that determines if the other server is alive or not, and in case of faillure on the other server starts the alfresco service.

Does anyone have an elegant solution for this scenario?