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Dynamic Modelling/4.2b: DictionaryException model not exist

Question asked by dhartford on Nov 26, 2012
Hi All,
I'm trying out Dynamic Models using the DataDictionary in the Repo through the Alfresco standard web interface (not Share).  Tested with Community 4.2b on fedora 17. 

Trying to follow this information I've narrowed down to the fact that I can upload the XML model fine, but as soon as I checkbox the 'active' (tested both during upload, and after upload/edit-properties/then activate) the error keeps coming up:

WARN  [org.alfresco.repo.dictionary.DictionaryDAO] org.alfresco.service.cmr.dictionary.DictionaryException: 10260003 Model '{}customModel' does not exist
Although I can not find the exact location to the model referenced in the wiki, I found an example from somewhere and used that.  If there is a better model to test dynamic models, please let me know so I can try a tested model :-)

End result: The content model is not available for use within Alfresco standard web interface as a content type option when trying to use Dynamic Models. 

Desired result: Ability to add/modify content models without requiring restarts (the form model management add-on also doesn't work in 4.2b…which I'd rather avoid requiring an add-on so all features are working/capable regardless of Alfresco upgrades).

(p.s. I originally started with the Maven-Alfresco SDK 1.0 to create AMP's for content models, but since that requires a overlay rebuild/redeploy that doesn't work….if there is a better approach, again, just looking for how to manage content models without requiring restarts/redeploys).

thanky for any input,

update 11/28/2012:
I've cross-checked fresh installs on both Alfresco-community 4.2b installer on windows, and a Bitnami 4.2b installer on linux (mysql db based) and both experience the same problems.
Setting org.alfresco.repo = DEBUG log level doesn't show anything other than more noise (keyword: DictionaryException).  Trying to paste the DEBUG level log file to pastebin/etc fail as too large.