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custom actionGroups

Question asked by tag on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by amandaluniz_z

I would like to customize and display an actionGroups by including only few actions (created by me or already existing as document-download).
This actionGroups custom replaces the default actionGroups document-details (who participates of the display of the panel "action on the document" of content if I understood correctly).

Description of actionsGroups can be done in share-documentLibrary-config.xml or in share-config-custom.xml. Here is the actionGroups document-details in the file share-documentlibrary-config.xml :
<actionGroup id="document-details">
            <action index="100" id="document-download" />
            <action index="110" id="document-view-content" />
            <action index="120" id="document-edit-metadata" />
            <action index="130" id="document-upload-new-version" />
            <action index="140" id="document-view-original" />
            <action index="150" id="document-view-working-copy" />
            <action index="160" id="document-approve" />
            <action index="170" id="document-reject" />
            <action index="180" id="document-inline-edit" />
            <action index="190" id="document-edit-online" />
            <action index="200" id="document-edit-offline" />
            <action index="210" id="document-view-googledoc" />
            <action index="220" id="document-checkout-to-googledocs" />
            <action index="230" id="document-checkin-from-googledocs" />
            <action index="240" id="document-copy-to" />
            <action index="250" id="document-move-to" />
            <action index="260" id="document-delete" />
            <action index="270" id="document-assign-workflow" />
            <action index="280" id="document-cancel-editing" />
            <action index="290" id="document-manage-site-permissions" />
            <action index="300" id="document-manage-repo-permissions" />
            <action index="310" id="document-manage-aspects" />
            <action index="320" id="document-change-type" />
            <action index="330" id="document-view-in-source-repository" />
            <action index="340" id="document-publish" />
            <action index="350" id="document-view-googlemaps" />

If I delete the action
<action index="100" id="document-download" />
of this file, the action Download will no longer be visible on the panel.

So I assumed it was possible to manage the display of actions via this xml file. Is this a good approach?

I created a new action that, when clicked, redirects to a new page. For now, this page is a copy of the document-details page, with the difference that the property panel and actions on the right must show the action of my actionGroups custom.
In share-documentlibrary-config.xml I added my custom actionGroups (document-details-custom), with the only action I want to see displayed :
 <actionGroup id="document-details-custom">
            <action index="100" id="document-download" />

I added in maPage.xml:
<!– Document Actions (incl commons) –>

And in maPage.ftl:
<div class="yui-u">    
         <@region id="document-details-custom" scope="template"/>      

All actions of the default actionGroups document-details are displayed, as if my custom actionGroups was ignored.

  => The process of managing the display of actions by actionGroups is incorrect?
  => Other settings are required?

Thank you for your answers and sorry for my english !