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Basic help needed

Question asked by hcip on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2011 by dramildodeja
We're a small law office looking at using Alfresco for document management.  What we would like to accomplish is as follows:

1. Saving of created documents to an organized shared repository, with versioning and check-out/check-in.
2. Assigning client and matter numbers (and a document description) to each document as it is created in Office/OpenOffice, hopefully with the ability to search for those numbers in the database.  Ideally the client numbers would be cross-referenced with a contacts database.
3. Organization in the repository based upon the client and matter numbers.
4 (optional) Assigning each document a serial number as it is saved to the repository.

I have searched through the forums here looking for ideas on how to get started setting this up (if it is even possible), but either my topic is too general or what I am trying to do is not really possible.  Any help you can offer, particularly of a more basic nature, to get us started (or beyond) would be much appreciated.