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Nominated invitation Syntax

Question asked by sebastian1 on Sep 15, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by sebastian1
Hey Guys,

If I want to add external Persons to my Share Site, the get an Email with a pre configured User name and Password.

The Username is like: Firstname_Lastname.

BUT I want it to look like: Firstname.Lastname

Can Anyone tell me which file I have to edit to achiev this?

What I found until now is the function inviteNominated..! Any Hints?

     * Create new nominated invitation to this web site
     * @return the new invitation
    public ScriptInvitation<?> inviteNominated(String inviteeFirstName, String inviteeLastName, String inviteeEmail, String inviteeRole, String serverPath, String acceptUrl, String rejectUrl)
       Invitation invitation = [b]invitationService.inviteNominated[/b](inviteeFirstName, inviteeLastName, inviteeEmail, Invitation.ResourceType.WEB_SITE, getShortName(), inviteeRole, serverPath, acceptUrl, rejectUrl);
       return scriptInvitationFactory.toScriptInvitation(invitation);