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Document Library Associations information

Question asked by def on Nov 28, 2012

Under Alfresco Share 4 I would like to display the presence of an association in the Document Library Detailled View.

With item.lib.ftl I can add the data into the Alfresco Json answer but I can not find anything in the JsNode.
In fct I had a node related information like a property that is not a real property but a derivative on.

Investigating I suspect I need to change into documentlib.js or worst into alfresco.js but it seems a bit heavy then I feel on the wrong way.

Do you may be know the next step to solve this and make my new information available into the jsNode e.g. ?

I checked and this point is not for me a property decorator like and I would better use a custom renderer to display it as a metadata.


modification to item.lib.ftl

"nodeRef": "${node.nodeRef}",
<#if node.hasAspect("test:relation")>"relation":
   <#if node.assocs["test.rel"]?exists && node.assocs["test.rel"]?size &gt; 0>"rel": "y"<#else>"rel": "n"</#if>
"nodeType": "${shortQName(node.type)}",