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Unable to run Alfresco in Eclipse (from SVN)

Question asked by jzaruba on Sep 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by vignesh.sabapathi

I'm trying to launch Alfresco (check-out from SVN) within Eclipse so I can debug it then. I've went through Wiki and several posts in the forum with no luck. :(
The Tomcat instance Eclipse is launching does not know about the application. (It starts within 200ms, launching only the default apps.)
I don't understand in which step am I telling Tomcat "here's the Alfresco app descriptor, use it"…? (I know I'm supposed to link all the projects in source lookup and/or class-paths, and I've done that, but I guess that does not determine the descriptor, or the "start-point"of my app.)