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Show Users From Repository User Homes on new created Dashlet

Question asked by mukeshkumardubey on Nov 30, 2012
Hi all forum users,

I need urgently. I am new for Alfresco,using Alfresco Share Community 3.4.

1-I have created new dashlet on My Dashboard page. I want to show all users from Repository > User Homes on our new created dashlet and want this dashlet should show only to admin.

All user are in json format on this url-

i have tried using this code to connect to Alfresco Repository but not giving response.

var connector = remote.connect("alfresco");

var data ="/sample/docprop.json");
//var result = eval('(' + data + ')');

How can i show these all users from this url in new dashlet ?

2- How i can give authentication to new created dashlet in alfresco ?

Please give me solution steps for above ASAP.

Waiting  response.