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Move script not working related to Alfresco open issue?

Question asked by rtan on Sep 16, 2010
I am not sure if this is an Alfresco issue. I have an Alfresco script which allows the user to add content (i.e. update an Word doc), fill in usual metadata with a few custom properties which also allows the user to target their desired path’s Draft directory, and then physically move the document using the Javascript API move. The script does ensure the user has permissions for the target directory. After the document gets moved into the target directory, I have checked the Alfresco.log which shows the updated document properties which has the correct target path values using  both displayPath and qnamePath.  Once I navigate to the target path’s uploaded document, the user can issue a custom rule which does the following (the summary in Alfresco Explorer):
Rule Type:   inbound
Name:   Publish
Apply rule to sub spaces:   No
Run rule in background:   No
Disable rule:   No
Conditions:   Item is a subtype of 'Content'
Actions:   Move item to 'Published' if 'Publish' action is taken.
After running this rule, the action will move the uploaded document to its originally uploaded Publish directory. I am trying to determine if the above scenario is a bug related to?
This bug is still open. Has it been fixed? If so, what patch needs to be applied? The version is Alfresco Enterprise 3.2.