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Alfresco VTI: Checkout fails + multiple versions when saving

Question asked by qkyrie on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by paride
Hi all

Today we stumbled upon a few issues regarding the spp-plugin in Alfresco.

Until yesterday, I was able to perform an online edit using the sharepoint protocol. I was able to checkout and checkin in windows office 2007 without any issues. The only problem was that I had to edit the BasicAuthLevel in the registry and set it to 2.

Because the company I'm rolling this out to consists of quite some "dummy" users, editing the registry was no valid configuration. Therefore, I configured Share to make connections go to an ssl-certified subdomain. This solved the BasicAuthLevel.

Unfortunately, this implied new issues.

First of all, checkouts are no longer possible. If I edit a file online, I cannot do a checkout, it simply goes back to my word-document without checking out the document. Share also does not say the file is checked out. Although, if a second person tries do do an online edit, office presents the user with a dialog saying someone else is already editing, resulting in read-mode until the editor closes the document. This wouldn't be that big of an issue if we who was editing the file (visible in the share somewhere).

Second of all, whenever a current version is saved (so not by checking in, because that's not available due to the lack of being able to check out) the repository creates 4 - 6 new versions.

My questions:
How is it possible the behaviour of this spp changes purely by putting an ssl server in front of it?

Current setup:
Alfresco 4.2b
Alfresco 4.2c spp (nightly)
Office 2007