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workflow get paramete  on share

Question asked by evan on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2010 by evan
Hi friend ,

    I want to define a workflow on share , now I have defined a workflow on alfresco and It can work on alfresco path. I want to used the workflow on share . so I have add code on "workflow.get.html.ftl" as "<option value="purchase:Purchase">Purchase</option>". after I restart tomcat ,I can see my workflow on share.

my problem is ,I have define two parameters on my model ,as :

<property name="purchase:nurse_id">
     <title>Nurse No.</title>
<property name="purchase:nurse_name">
     <title>Nurse Name</title>
add code on "workflow.js" as

         // nurse_id: mandatory value

         this.modules.form.addValidation( + "-nurse_id", , Alfresco.forms.validation.number, null, "blur");

         this.modules.form.addValidation( + "-nurse_id", Alfresco.forms.validation.length);
         // nurse_name: mandatory value

         this.modules.form.addValidation( + "-nurse_name", Alfresco.forms.validation.mandatory);

         this.modules.form.addValidation( + "-nurse_name", Alfresco.forms.validation.length,
after I start the workflow , I cannot see any value in "nurse_name" and "nurse_id" box , nurse_name's value has been display on Description box.
so I guess ,must have a function to define to mapping. where and how to define the parameter?