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CIFS, Versioning, Word

Question asked by chris776 on Dec 4, 2012
Hi Folks,

Alfresco 4.2 linux, editing on CIFS

Word 2011 MAC: Opening a versionable document and saving causes all version history to be deleted (I suppose Word re-creates the file in the share)

Word 2003 WIN XP: Opening a versionable document hitting save ONCE causes 3-4 new minor versions to be created.

Makes it unusable for reliable versioning. As a workaround, we would like to see this scenario:

1. Upload a document in Share or CIFS
2. Make it versionable
3. Be able to edit the file on CIFS without creating a new "Auto-Version" on every save cycle
4. Manually create a new "version" (like a snapshot) within the share (archive the old one). From now on, edit this one, keeping the old version achived

So, what we basically want is "versioning" without "Auto Version" on every save cycle.

Is this possible?