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Inbound Email Configuration

Question asked by amolchavan on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2010 by mariam

I am using Alfresco Community v3.3 and I want to configure Inbound Emails in it.
Please do not send me link of Inbound Email configuration of Alfresco wiki because it is not updated one and it has information for the older version of Alfresco.

I did all the required changes in the files for this but whenever I send email to or it do no reach and gives sending failure mail back.

Here are the changes -

email.server.port=25   — can we have our company domain here?


Also I am curious to know -
1. Why inbound mail will have address as
2. Can we do configuration to have address like

– atleast let me know how to get it working with or then we can look into how to get it working with

Please reply urgent, because I am searching for it for last 2 days but in vain.
I also tried 'EmailCollector' project and deployed amp but seems it works only with 3.1 or prior versions of alfresco. With 3.3 it gives exception - 'emailService' is undefined.

Thanks in advance,