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Create custom UI OUTSIDE of the Alfresco Share

Question asked by dissectcode2 on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by mrogers
I recently downloaded Alfresco Enterprise v for Linux

I need to build a custom UI in Java/Grails OUTSIDE of the packaged Alfresco dashboard or Share (if I understand correctly, that's the name). I just need to connect my UI to Alfresco CMS API. The custom UI is just a form, and a "homepage" of recent docs.

Do I use the Embedded API? Or do I use Alfresco's custom REST API? Do I use the Webscripts API?

Where do I get the jar or package to include in my Java file? When I installed Alfresco, there is only one AMP.

OR is there a test-program?