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Versioning and rules

Question asked by chris_0815 on Dec 4, 2012
Hi there,

I have a serious issue with Alfresco Community 4.0.d, and I want to clarify if it is my fault in terms of misunderstanding or if I should create a jira issue.

I setup a rule triggering a javascript on content update (to add/update parts of the content automatically). All documents are autoversioned (but propertyupdates=false).
Now I realized that after shutdown/startup of alfresco there can be two states:

Doc existing in version 0.2

1. Doc saved (content change)
2. New Version auto-created (0.3)
3. Update triggered (so I have to delete previous version, manipulate content and create new version manually)
4. Version 0.3 is available with the correct updated content

1. Doc saved (content change)
2. Update triggered (actual version (0.2) is deleted, content manipulated and new version (0.2) created)
3. Auto version does not do anything, as new version was created in step 2.
4. Version 0.2 is updated instead of version 0.3 created.

As I can handle each of both scenarios well, I cannot handle both at the same time… so I do not know in "which" state alfresco will startup.

Did I misunderstood something here, can I investigate something further, or can I even configure if versioning or rule execution comes first?

Thank you and best regards,

The same issue creates inconsistencies regarding webdav connections. Some of them do a "write test" before content uploading and this may result in "additional 0 byte version" creation. I can correct this behaviour, but as already mentioned…. corrections are different between case a) and b)