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Kofax plugin does not work anymore after Kofax reinstall

Question asked by renaud.bournonville on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2010 by renaud.bournonville

Here is an issue we have with the Alfresco-Kofax plugin. Just to mention, Kofax support does not support the plugin, so I’m trying another way…

We had Kofax Capture 8 installed on a server. Due to a problem with Kfxpdf.exe, we updated Kofax, in order to refresh the file. This did not work.
Then we uninstalled and re-install Kofaxed. We have several issues. The last issue was an issue leading to an "uncomplete install" of Kofax (see description : I could solve this issue partially by installing VRS4.5 in addition to the "uncomplete install".

I still have a (major) issue with the Alfresco-Kofax release script plugin.
(OK) I installed it on Kofax, and "the registration went completed".
(NOK) When I create any batch class, document class & form type, if I want to add the Alfresco-Kofax release scripts in the "release scripts", I receive those error messages :
- Error opening release script "Alfresco Kofax Release Script" for batch class "bla" and document class "blabla"
followed by
- Error closing release script "Alfresco Kofax Release Script" for batch class "bla" and document class "blabla"

This is very surprising, because I tested the plugin, by running the file "Alfresco.Kofax.Release.Test.exe", and everything works :
- I can launch the plugin correctly
- I can enter Alfresco URL and connect to Afresco
- I can retreive Alfresco data (document type there, in order to match metadata).

Here is our configuration :
- Alfresco Enterprise 3.3
- Kofax Capture version : 8.00.461, Client+server, with default database
- Alfresco release script version : 1.0, for Alfresco Entreprise 3.3.0 (full setup)
- Server OS : MS Windows Server 2003 R2, standard edition, SP2

Any help would be greatly appreciated !