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How do YOU perform an upgrade? Describe your process.

Question asked by williamgh on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2010 by mrogers
I have a list of files that I have modified and I perform these changes to the new files after the files are copied over for everything to run correctly.

I pretty much go directory to directory and copy over my old files with the new ones. (after backups of course)

Here is where I'm a bit fuzzy, eventhough I have been successful with the upgrade:
I don't delete anything that the upgrade doesnt have. For example, Webapps has alfresco, share, and mobile directories which are not in the upgrade bundle.
Am I doing this right? I imagine it wouldnt run w/o these directories because I have modified files in those locations as well. Why aren't these directories included in the bundle?

What is your upgrade process?

ps- the instructions are extremely vague! Are there considerations for the mysql database to consider? I have a standalone install for mysql so I didnt do anything in that regard.