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Abour EE support expiry and Single CPU liscense doubt

Question asked by bisana on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by bisana
I have some doubts about EE support, mainly the effect of it once the support is not renewed.
Following  are my doubts
    Can I upgrage the software after expiry of support ?,
    Can I further customize and enhance the product, after the expiry of the support?
Another doubt is in the CPU based liscense

We do not have powerfull single CPU, we use dual CPU Server, and we plan to procure Alfresco EE . Now only we came to know about CPU liscense method.
If we try to run sinlge CPU liscense on multi CPU server, what would be the result, How the software will work, Will it use only one CPU
Please let me know about what are the effects of Single CPU license on a dual CPU machine