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Delete Content Outbound rules

Question asked by sandipparikh04 on Sep 21, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by rwetherall
Hello All,

I am new bee with Alfresco development. I am trying to use Outbound Rule for deleting any Content from my existing Spaces.
For that i have made one Customized rule and apply to my Root Folder with sub folders.

Now i require Parent information of the deleted file. Now when i am trying to delete any content the rules working properly
but when i am trying to retrieve parent information it gives me invalid node refrenece error. Here i think problem is it gives me deleted nodes refrence so i am not able to retrieve parent information for same. So can any one let me know is it possible , that before deleting any content i can get the require parent information and then content deleted by setting the rule.

Awaiting for your response,
Thanks & Regards
Sandip Parikh