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Question asked by cmarcatto on Sep 22, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by abhashree
Whilst I was trying to install Alfresco, I have come over some explanations regarding Jira. I have installed it in port 8080. Then, I have tried to install Alfresco again and port 8080 was, naturally, in use. I have tried to change Jira port (as explained in its website), but still the 8080 port was considered in use. As Jira was not exactly what I needed, I have deleted it, but still the port 8080 was said to be occupied. Then, I have changed the Alfresco port to 8088 (during installation). Still nothing seemed to be working. Then again, I went to all Alfresco files that mention 8080 and, with Text Wrangler changed every single one of them to 8088. Still does not work. Btw, I have tried the ./ start and it did't seem to work as well. But I am not an expert in command lines. Could anyone help me.