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Error when deleting a space or site

Question asked by xzibit12 on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by angello0571
Error  Please correct the errors below then click OK.

Below is the error message:
    Unable to delete Space due to system error: 1110247117 site deletion is not allowed. Attempted to delete workspace://SpacesStore/7c613252-6ee0-4075-af26-260918d86356
I'm receiving an error when I tried to delete a site or space on repository.

Actually what happened is that I accidentally deleted a site under Groups (site_SiteName) then all the groups under it (site_siteName_Managers, etc). Then I just found out that you can delete it in site search if you are an admin which is I'm the admin. so accidentally I can't delete that site anymore even on repository.

I want to create one but it says the name was already used.