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Alfresco configuration for bounced Emails

Question asked by msblissful on Sep 22, 2010

My apologies if I post on a wrong place or if my problem is really not applicable for Alfresco. I'm researching for quite some time now and I can't get to the exact answer. I need help.
Here are the software I've used for our project:
- Alfresco 3.2r
- Hmail server
- MS Office Outlook

I've followed the steps on the link to set the project's Inbound email functionlity. It's working just fine. To test it, I've installed a local mail server on my Machine. And use Outlook to send emails.

If Outlook encounters the problems stated below, it only shows the Send/Receive error of MS Outlook and the email will not be sent. What I want to do is if the problems occured, Alfresco will send a friendly message informing the sender that the problem occured, not just the Send/Receive error that will show on MS Outlook. (I think one example for this is the Mailer Daemon for most email groups; for bounced emails)

1. If the folder is non-existent
2. user is not included in the EMAIL_CONTRIBUTOR group
3. etc

It has also come to my attention that this problem is within the mail server itself, not with Alfresco. Because I checked the logs, the error doesn't reach the Alfresco server. Just the outlook server. Is my problem applicable only to the mail server?

Please do advise.

Thank you so much.