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docx to pdf: libreoffice improvements

Question asked by scouil on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by stallapragada

We've got a lot of documents in doc/docx format that we'd like to automatically convert to pdf in order to version both the source editable document and expose a pdf to our users.
I had alfresco 4.0a running on an ubuntu server machine.
The pdf conversion of those documents into pdf was really bad as the graphics/images systematically broke the layout and some documents even crashed the whole openoffice server.
I've upgraded my server to Alfresco Community 4.2, upgraded my MSWord documents to word2010 format, and manually installed the lastest 3.6.4 version of libreoffice.
It now really is better but we're not there yet. Some arrows get reversed, text background transparency isn't ported and a few other conversion bugs are still there.

I looked at the supported platforms: to see if there were any alternatives to libreoffice converter but I can't even see libreoffice, just openoffice. So I guess no alternative Adobe or Microsoft solution are available.

Is alfresco enterprise version handling those conversions in a more reliable way?
Did any of you had the same problem (which seems quite standard to me) and managed to find a workaround (export to another easily readable format, automated a successfull docx->odt transformation upfront, etc.) ?

Thanks for your time.