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Issue when I'm trying to mark favorite file

Question asked by spiritz on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by spiritz
Hi Alfresco team,

I just download the alfresco mobile on my ipad and use it to connect to my alfresco server comunity edition 4.2.b on ubuntu server.
Everything look like to be okay but when I'm trying to mark favorite file, the error occur -
" Connection Error
The server returned an error connecting  to : <my alfresco ip address>
The operation couldn't be completed. (ASIHTTPRequestErrorDomain error 10.)".

How can I solve this issue? or This's a bug? Am I need to configure my alfresco server?

ps. Sorry for my English, But I hope you can understand what I need to tell.

Thank you in advance,