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Buggy-like behaviour of links on an Alfresco HTML-content pa

Question asked by gwiet on Sep 23, 2010
1.   Links to Alfresco documents or folders that were created on an Alfresco HTML-page using the Link-icon do not open by a mouse click in the Flash_preview pane.
2.   If the A-HTML page is first opened either by ‘Download’ or by ‘View in browser’ the link works OK. Also, if the URL is pasted directly on the A-HTML page the link looks OK en opens OK.
3.   Notably, links created using the Link-icon to intra- or internet addresses outside Alfresco open up correctly in the Flash preview pane.
4.   When examining the HTML code of the page it looks like the first part of the URL (http:// NVi…….) is being clipped of , typically when trying to create a link to an Alfresco document or folder. In case of links to addresses outside Alfresco the full address is correctly saved.

Is this a known issue or bug?