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Extension modules VS web-extension

Question asked by alejandrogarciaseco on Dec 12, 2012
Hi folks,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, so please any admin feel move it. I'm sorry.

Well I'm working since some months ago with Alfresco 4.2b, mainly with Share. I'm preforming some customization works and my colleagues and myself are always wondering about the subject of this post.

We know extension modules is a relatively new feature which is available since the first release of Alfresco 4 but we don't know what way should take the developments performed in terms of the extension mechanism to be used. Now we are putting all our efforts on using the extension module mechanism, avoiding the use of the web-extension directory. We are doing this way because we understand that probably it is more versatile, maintainable and scalable and who knows, perhaps the use of the web-extension directory could be deprecated in further releases. We are also aware that at the moment you cannot do "everything" with extension modules.

So according to that, I would like to know about pros and cons of both mechanisms based on other developers experience, as well as whether we are doing right with our extension philosophy. At the same time, I would like to find a reasonable answer to the next questions:

    1. Are we doing right prioritizing and "sacrifice" our time trying to perform customization with extension modules? Is it worth?
    2. Could be deprecated the web-extension directory as a customization mechanism in further releases?
    3. Is the extension modules feature going to be improved?
    4. (Roughly) known limitations of  extension modules? Mainly the question could be, when should be used one extension mechanism or the other?
I'm looking forward to hear your opinions. It would be strongly appreciated opinions based on your real experience and as honest as possible.

Thanks very much in advance.