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Sharepoint Protocol Usage/Behavior

Question asked by k2ham on Sep 23, 2010
I have a question pertaining to the creation and usage of Document Workspaces (using CE 3.3). Specifically, after creating a document workspace from within Word as described in "Managing Alfresco Content from within Microsoft Office", I end up with both a local copy of the document as well as a copy of the document in the newly created Document Workspace. Whenever I subsequently open that local document it "knows" of its linked counterpart in the Document Workspace. I can confirm this additional "linkage" associated with the local copy since after the Document Workspace was created the local copy's file size increased.

My question is how do you add additional files to the Document Workspace so that they also have the "built-in" linkage between the local copy and the copy within the workspace?

Perhaps I'm just not understanding how Share is intended to work. What I need is an understanding how to best utilize Alfresco for project teams that may be in the home office connected to the network while they work or they may be out in the field working (locally on their laptops) without any network connectivity. In situations such as this, what is the preferred practice for managing the online/offline content, tracking document version changes, etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.