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Visual basic and SOAP Security Header

Question asked by nibe on Sep 24, 2010
Hi! I'm trying to make a call to a web service from a desktop application written in Visual Basic (Visual Studio 2010) and there is no way, the following error:
"WSDoAllReceiver: Does Not Contain required Request Header Security."
I have two days searching the forums, google, trying everything that has happened to me and nothing at all, I am sure that is nonsense, 2 or 3 lines of code, but I can not find them.

3. Where is the Successful login, get the ticket and store it somewhere.
4. Another Call Alfresco webservice and inject the ticket INTO THE SOAP security header."

That point 4 is the lack I do not know how to create a security header and relate it to my service

I have seen examples in java that have given me ideas, but even though I tried not find the solution to see if anyone can enlighten me.

Thank you very much,