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search and maxItems : execution time

Question asked by grummfy on Sep 24, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2010 by dgenard

in a  webscript i do this :
for example :
mquery = my query like : PATH:"/app:company_home/cm:test/*/*" AND   @\{http\://\}toSearch:'test"
mlimit = 10
skip = 1

   var def =
      query: mquery,
      store: "workspace://SpacesStore",
      language: "lucene",
      sort: [{column: "@{http\://\}stuff", ascending: false}],
      page: {maxItems: mlimit, skipCount: skip}

   results = search.query(def);

but if i put maxItems to -1 or to 1000, the total result number return changed but the time to execute it didn't change….
Did you know any way to pass over this or the time of the search is something that can't be changed